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SUMMARY: Software engineer with 15 years of experience on Java EE and .NET platforms, focused on web application, integration, and user-interface development.




Technologies and Frameworks:

Java EE:







Jasper Reports









Active Reports







Application/Database/Web Servers:

Oracle Glassfish

Apache Tomcat

Apache HTTPD

Microsoft IIS



Microsoft SQL Server


Development Tools:


Microsoft Visual Studio





Smart Start, Inc.

Employed:  from October 2012 through present.

Position held: Senior Software Developer

Task summary:

-       Design, develop, test and maintain software components

-       Provide technical guidance to junior developers

-       Contribute re-usable software components


Major project: SmartWeb

Role: Worked from an initial set of requirements and design specifications to implement next generation of company’s web-based government partner portal.

Environment: Web tier developed on the JSF 2 framework, utilizing PrimeFaces component framework.  Java EE application tier is exposed to the web tier as SOAP and REST web services, leveraging JPA/Hibernate, EJB, and JMS technologies. Web and application tier modules deployed on Glassfish; data persisted in Microsoft SQL Server.


Major project: Cellular Real Time Delivery Framework

Role: Worked from an initial set of requirements for two separate products to design a unified framework to support near-real-time notification and cellular delivery of data from hardware in the field.

Environment: Leveraged existing hardware capability and proprietary communication protocol to extend functionality in a Resource Adapter; designed and implemented supporting domain and data access components.  Resource Adapter and supporting Enterprise Java Bean components deployed on Glassfish; data persisted in Microsoft SQL Server.



Dallas/Ft. Worth Hospital Council

Employed:  from May 2007 through October 2012.

Position held: Lead Software Developer

Task summary:

-       Designed, developed and maintained software components

-       Provided technical leadership to development team

-       Defined and refined internal software development processes

-       Evaluated and integrated off-the-shelf software solutions in lieu of custom development, where appropriate


Major project: Background Check System – Core Framework

Role: Worked from an initial set of use cases to design core components; interacted with business unit to refine requirements and integrate feedback in an iterative development cycle; supported data migration, implementation, enhancement and maintenance of the new software system.

Environment: API developed in C#, utilizing NHibernate 2 for database persistence in Microsoft SQL Server 2008; web-based user interface developed in ASP.NET.

Background:  This business unit provides background check services to large customers in the healthcare industry; the dynamic nature of the offered services required a data-driven system, which would allow administration of those services; the system encompasses employee, vendor, and client functionality.

Description: The web-based application allows administrators to fully configure the system (including research services offered, pricing and cost, customer data, etc.), researchers and vendors to track and process research tasks, and clients to submit and review background research requests; the system manages the full lifecycle of the research process and data involved - submission, research, reporting, and billing.


Major project: Background Check System – Automated Research Framework

Role: Designed and developed software components in conjunction with Core Framework (see above); managed team members and consultants working on plug-ins to the framework.

Environment:  Windows Services and WCF web service.

Background:  The Core Framework assigns various research tasks to researchers.  Researchers can be human agents, or alternately, software “agents”. The mechanism for retrieving and processing workload for software agents needed to be uniform and consistent with the workflow followed by human agents.

Description: The framework affords rapid development of new automated software “agents”.  A single class is written to a specific interface, and encompasses the logic for a particular automated research task. The Automated Research Framework utilizes this and other implementation classes, handling scheduling, execution, errors, and communication with the Core Framework.


Major project: Background Check System – Client Integration Framework

Role: Designed and developed software components in conjunction with the Core Framework (see above); managed team members and consultants working on plug-ins to the framework.

Environment: Windows Services, WCF web services, and ASP.NET user interface.

Background:  Large clients utilize specialized Human Resources software to manage processes and data surrounding their workforce.  These clients desire an automated interface between their software and this company’s Background Check software.  A single mechanism and uniform process for accepting orders, exception processing, and status updates was needed.

Description: Individual integration implementations involve the development of a single web service and separate “update agent.” The web service utilizes the Client Integration Framework to accept and process automated orders.  The Client Integration Framework then communicates with the Core Framework to respond to certain order lifecycle events, instantiate the appropriate “update agent” class, and execute methods on that class appropriate to the event being processed.


Other projects:

-       Client Integration Framework plug-in for Taleo Enterprise.

-       Client Integration Framework plug-in for PeopleSoft HRM.



C. Pitman Baker & Assoc.

Employed:  from January 2006 through May 2007.

Position held: Software Consultant

Task summary:

-       Designed and developed software from initial requirements documented in use cases.

-       Directly interfaced with clients, analyzing feedback to formulate project requirement and design changes.


Major project: GroupOne Background Check System (please see experience at Dallas/Ft. Worth Hospital Council, above, for details)


Major project: Dallas/Ft. Worth Hospital Council Salary Survey

Role: Worked from an initial set of use cases to architect and develop the system.

Environment: Core components developed in C#; user interface developed in ASP.NET.

Background:  The client provides statistical analysis of healthcare job salaries to its members; salary data is provided by each specific member, in return for statistical summaries of the data for all members; strict rules govern the validity and lifespan of the data submitted and disclosed.

Description: The web-based portal allows healthcare members to submit their individual salary data, and request statistical reports; administrators are able to maintain members and rules governing the validity of data.


Other projects:

-       Legacy data migration for a major project roll-out

-       Change Request implementation and maintenance for a variety of applications in production



Available Mortgage Funding, LLC

Employed:  from November 2001 through December 2005.

Position held: Senior Developer

Task summary:  As the sole developer, analyzed existing business processes to expose development needs; worked with various departments to define requirements and design programming solutions; developed, tested, implemented and iteratively enhanced and maintained software.


Major project: Broker Customer Portal

Role: Researched mortgage loan components and business lifecycle; designed an OO model of the mortgage loan and its various components; abstracted and integrated this domain model with company’s legacy mortgage software - DataTrac, and its SQL Server database; developed Struts actions and JSP pages for the user interface; deployed web application; maintained application, adding requested features and changes.

Environment: Application developed in Java; data access performed via JDBC; Struts actions and JSP pages served by Apache Tomcat integrated with IIS, hosted on a Windows 2003 Server. 

Background:  This company is a mortgage lender; its customers are real-estate brokers who submit loans to be funded; as a particular loan gets processed, much peripheral information is assimilated about the borrowers, property, and loan terms; brokers desire access to this information, and their loan status in real-time.

Description: The web application allows a broker to log in via the company website, and gain access to their active loan pipeline information; major features include pipeline search, and individual loan detail.


Major project: B2B exchange with First Collateral Services, Inc.

Role:  Researched First Collateral’s B2B interface; designed and developed application to extract, encrypt and transmit needed data, and receive, decrypt, process and distribute returned reports; developed Struts/JSP web interface to expose this functionality to employees.

Environment:  Application written in Java; used the iBATIS O/R mapping framework to access the SQL Server database; used open-source PGP framework to encrypt/decrypt data transmissions; used Struts/JSP web layer for user interface.

Background:  First Collateral Services is the bank providing this company’s warehouse line. When a loan needs to be funded, this company communicates loan details to First Collateral, which in turn wires the funds.  This B2B application automated the exchange of this information.

Description:  Web user interface includes funding queue management, b2b transmission initiation, search of archived transmission details and confirmation reports; application gathers funding queue details, packages, encrypts and transmits this data to First Collateral; transmission details are archived, along with returned confirmation reports.


Major project: Commission management/reporting tool

Role:  Researched sales commission structures, and commission calculation processes in place; developed application to administer employees’ commission plans, calculate commissions, and distribute/archive commission reports for the accounting department.

Environment:  Application written in Java; used the iBATIS O/R mapping framework to access the SQL Server database; used Struts/JSP web layer for user interface; used Jakarta POI framework to generate Microsoft Excel reports.

Background:  Account executives get paid commission for every loan they bring to this company; the commission plans are extensive, considering volume levels, loan program types, lien types, and other factors.  These calculations had to be performed manually in the past.

Description:  Web user interface includes commissioned employee roster and commission plan management, employee and department commission reporting, archiving and retrieval; application gathers production information and commission plan details, to produce per employee and department wide compensation reports.


Citizens Communications, Inc.

Employed:  from April 2001 through November 2001

Position held: Web Developer/UNIX Administrator

Task summary: As part of a team of 8 developers and administrators, developed web-based tools to enhance/automate administration of web, email, DNS, database, and other services for company’s Internet Access division.


Worldcom, Inc.

Employed:  from June 1999 through March 2001.

Position held: Web Developer.

Task summary:  Working with a second developer, designed, developed, and maintained various web-based tools to assist engineers in Data Systems Integration and Verification lab.



EDUCATION:          University of Texas at Dallas:

B.S. in Software Engineering (graduating May 2016)

Sun Education:  Introduction to JAVA

Oracle Education:  Introduction to Oracle:  SQL and PL/SQL